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gas furnace vs heat pump

When you are choosing a new Central Air System for your office or home a common choice heat pump, depending on the area of the country that you live in. These systems operate all year round as opposed to a Gas Furnace, which only runs during the winter months. There is a lot to consider when deciding which configuration to choose but we are here to help with any questions you might have in the process.

Which one is right for my family

When choosing between a Heat Pump and a Gas Operated Furnace, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Geographical region, functionality, efficiency, required maintenance, space and size measurements for the install area, to name a few. 

To generate heat BTU’s, furnaces can burn either natural gas or oil. Heat pumps run on electricity. They create heat through the compression of specially formulated gas refrigerants circulated through an evaporator coil. Heat pumps produce less heat than furnaces and work best in slightly warmer climates ( Reference zones 1-3 on the U.S. Department of Energy climate zone map). 

differences between Heat Pumps and Gas Furnaces

The rule of thumb is: In the colder regions, Gas Furnaces reign supreme. Heat pumps are great until the ambient air falls below 40 degrees. Aside from the highest efficiency systems heat pumps start losing efficiency below 40 degrees.

If you already have a gas hookup in the house, it’s pretty straight forward hooking everything up. If you don’t have natural gas in your home than your choice is pretty simple: Have a heat pump installed or pay to have your home outfitted with gas.

Unlike natural gas furnaces which require a separate coil to be installed, heat pumps are engineered to heat AND cool a home all within the one unit.

While Heat pumps are perfectly capable of heating a home, gas furnaces put out toasty heat as soon as you turn them on. They are also more suitable in regions that don’t require an evaporator coil for a cooling mode operation. 

Typically, gas furnaces with an AC coil cost around 1-2k dollars more, depending on the efficiency rating of the unit.

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Heat pump repair in gilbert

Here are some signs to look out for if you think your system needs attention:

  • LOUD NOISES COMING FROM THE UNIT. A clunk, a buzz or a thump in the night coming from the attic or outside unit. We advise turning off the unit right away and giving us a call.
  • AC BLOWING WARM AIR IN COOLING MODE. Electrical, airflow as well as refrigerant levels are some common issues that can cause this symptom. 
  • COLD SPOTS & UNEVEN HEATING. Ideally, your heater should keep your entire house warm and cozy. When there are cool spots in your home, it could be a sign that your system needs some attention.
  • THE UNIT ISNT TURNING OFF. When you turn your thermostat to off, it should turn off. If your unit wont shut off call a repair technician right away. This is a dangerous electrical issue that can lead to fires and further damage to the system.
  • BURNT SMELLS COMING FROM THE VENTS. Defective contactors, transformers, wiring and refrigerant issues could cause a smell to come from the air vents in your home. Call us immediatly if you have any of these symptoms.

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Gilbert Heat pump installation & replacement

True North Air Conditioning installs and replaces Trane, Bryant, Carrier & Mitsubishi brands of heating & cooling equipment for the following categories: 

  • Heat Pumps
  • Mini Split AC
  • Central Air Systems

how do i know if it's time to replace my heat pump

How do you know if you should repair or replace your heat pump? Here are the main things to consider when thinking about  replacement.

  • IS YOUR SYSTEM 10 OR MORE YEARS OLD A good rule of thumb is that if youve gotten 10 or more years or more out of your heating and cooling system, you’ve done pretty well. A heat pump’s efficiency levels drop as they age because they work year round to cool and heat.

  • DOES THE SYSTEM NEED FREQUENT REPAIRS Sometimes, the cost of replacing the system is more beneficial than the cost of repairing it over the long term. A leak here, a capacitor there. AC Repair isn’t cheap and the costs can add up over the years making you wish you would’ve replaced it in the first place.
  • YOUR HEAT PUMP ISN’T MAINTAINING THE THERMOSTAT SET POINT- When the set point of the thermostat isn’t coming down to the desired setting, there is an issue with the functionality of the system and a costly repair could be around the corner.

If you have had repairs performed and your unit is not meeting temperature demands, it might be time to replace that old system. An old unit is not only affecting your comfort, but costing you money on your energy bill as well. Don’t wait until the middle of the summer to replace that old unit because supply and demand says: you’ll pay more in the summer time than planning ahead and getting it replaced in the winter.

what you can expect when you hire true north

* Removal and disposal of old equipment
* New hanging system for attic equipment
* New drain pan under attic equipment
* Drain flush and refrigerant lines flush
* Drain rebuild w/safety switch, PVC T & Trap
* New custom fabricated air plenums
* Seal air duct system to new equipment

* Insulate refrigerant piping
* New electrical whips, disconnect & fuses 
* New disconnect at outdoor unit
* Pressure test and system evacuation
* Startup in heating and cooling modes
* New digital programmable thermostat
* Attic access and trim repair

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