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The innovation of the heating industry has evolved nicely from wood-burning furnaces to the modern central air systems found in most U.S. homes. While we won’t be cooking s’mores on our modern indoor air systems, the heat brought by fires on open hearths during the earlier centuries had many benefits that are no different from the electric heating systems that we are using now in the 21st century. 

Indoor heating is a vital part of our lives, especially during the winter months. You will enjoy the following benefits if you have a reliable source of heating at your home or business:

  • Controlled indoor air impurities
  • Prevention of condensation and mold growth
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Increased comfort and productivity


On the other hand, poor indoor heating can lead to many environmental, productivity, and health issues for your family or employees. We encourage you to take the necessary efforts to ensure that your heating system units are always functioning at 100%, especially prior to the low temperatures of the cooler season. 

True North is located in the Gilbert, Arizona and is ready to help with any heating services needed by our community. 

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If you have a poorly functioning heating system, your energy costs will rise month after month. If the age of your heating system is between 15-25 years old, it’s likely time to replace it. 

Make the decision to invest in taking care of your heating system sooner instead of paying tremendous energy bills. Don’t settle for an old and inefficient heater. 

Whether you need a new system installed in your brand-new house or business or a heating system replacement, our team can help. True North is your best choice for a local HVAC company. Contact us today for a free estimate to install a new system in your Queen Creek home or business.


You long for warm floors and cozy rooms during those frigid winter days. Yet, the warm air isn’t flowing from your heater. The only option now is to call an emergency heating repair service in the Gilbert area. 

We know how uncomfortable it can to lose heat during the chilly months. Our team comes quickly when you contact us for heating repairs. Our team of trained professional technicians at True North can provide a complete system evaluation to determine if it is most cost effective to repair your current system or move ahead with a replacement. 

We will come to your rescue when you need heat in Gilbert, AZ. Never hesitate to call us for an emergency heating repair.


Like your car, your heating furnace also need to be properly maintained to function efficiently. Ensure that your heating system unit is always serving you well by scheduling regular maintenance at least once each year. 

Our professional team is skilled and exceptionally knowledgeable in all heating system equipment. Whether you want an inspection for your heat pumps, boilers, or furnaces, we at True North are your one-call-away local heating company. We have all of the tools and materials to maintain your system to keep if functional for many more years. 

Gain peace of mind and comfort knowing you always have reliable heating maintenance with True North, the best heating service in Gilbert, Arizona.

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True North has been a leading provider of premium heating and air conditioning services for the residents of Gilbert and the east valley. Inspired by our mission to provide comfort to every home and business in the area, we continuously offer exceptional air conditioning and heating services at very affordable prices. 

We are a professional HVAC contractor and only employ technicians who are passionate about making your life easier, warmer, and happier. We always use the highest quality brands, tools, and equipment to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our customer. Our company is both insured and certified and every technician is thoroughly trained to provide exceptional service for heating systems.

We are thrilled to provide reliable heating replacement, installation, repairs, and maintenance service for folks like you in Gilbert, AZ. Every service is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Call our team today for your free quote to get your warm air moving again.

Looking for relief from a hot summer day? Check out our air conditioning services as well. 

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True North will ensure that your toes stay warm and toasty all winter long. When you need quick and reliable heating repair and installation in Gilbert, AZ, our team will show up at your location to help. Call us today for swift and affordable heating services.

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