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Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in Chandler

When the AC in your Chandler home or business conks out, you need expert help and you need it fast. Turn to the HVAC pros at True North Air Conditioning. We have the knowledge, skills, and inventory to repair or replace your cooling system in a snap.

How To Know If Your AC Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Hopefully when the air conditioning system in your Chandler home or business breaks down, it just needs a one-time fix. But sometimes a breakdown is the first of many before you finally admit that you have to replace the AC. Here are some signs that your cooling system needs to be retired, not just repaired.

Signs You Should Replace Your AC:

  • Is it a 10 year old system- Some things get better with age. Air conditioners don’t. Once your system hits double digits, breakdowns could be a sign that the end is near.
  • Your energy bills are too high- The older a system is, the more energy it uses to do the same job. New systems are more efficient than older units and use different technology that saves you money on your energy bill. A new AC is an investment that will lower your energy bills ASAP.
  • System uses R-22 – Chandler homes and businesses with older AC systems often use older R-22 refrigerant. But R-22 is being phased out by the EPA and is becoming tough to find. If your system springs a leak and it uses R-22, it’s time to think about upgrading.
  • Break downs happen often- Even the best maintained AC systems break down every now and then. But if your air conditioner breaks down once or twice every year, it’s a sign that it’s on its way out.
  • You may be selling your home- Home buyers in Chandler want a turn-key property with recently updated heating and cooling systems. If your AC is getting old, installing a new one with True North can boost your home’s value.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Chandler

If you want to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system, maintenance is key. Over time, the coils, filters, and fins collect dust and wear out. But regular maintenance visits from your HVAC pro at True North can keep things running smoothly. Here are just a few benefits of keeping up with your AC maintenance.

Save Money and Extend Your AC’s Lifespan With Our Maintenance Plan

  • Prevent Repairs BEFORE They Happen-When you catch a small problem before it becomes a major issue, you can avoid inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs. Don’t get stuck in the Chandler heat with a broken AC!
  • Give Your System a Tune-up-Keep your AC running like new with regular maintenance checkups and cleaning. A dubiously maintained system lasts 35% less on average compared to a well-maintained system.
  • Get More Years Out Of Your Current AC- A well-maintained air conditioning system can keep your home cool for many years. But without regular cleaning and maintenance, your AC has to work much harder to keep your home cool and could break down much earlier than expected.

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The True North Difference

We are standing by and ready to help with any and all HVAC related issues. Here are a handful of reasons we are the fastest growing HVAC business in Chandler, AZ.

  • We’ve Experienced It All- Our technicians share decades of combined field experience and we are confident in any Repair or Installation task in our path. 
  • We Are Well Reviewed- We hold a 5 star average across all major review platforms. We don’t sweep anything under the rug and our customers appreciate it! We put customer service, product quality and customer support at the forefront of our business model.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- Nothing is perfect 100% of the time. If our services are ever not as you expected, we will make it right, Guaranteed. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. 
  • Fast Repairs and Installs- We strive to be the best we can be and it shows when we are on a job. We have technicians that other companies only dream about and they are all extremely proficient. 

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True North Air Conditioning would love to install, repair and maintain your AC & Heating systems for years to come. Call us today for prompt and affordable Air Conditioning services.

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